The Summer of Winter


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2016 / 1st edition
Limited of 100
ISBN: 978-989-98270-3-5

17 photographs
40 pages
29.7×21 cm
Hardcover, perfect binding

Euro €18.50



In Summer time, at Costa da Caparica beaches, in Portugal, there are packed up parking lots, vehicles parked on the curbs, weekend traffic jams and the air is filled with a dust that has as the sole purpose to cover up everything. And also there is a train that takes bathers from the city centre to the beaches, witch whistles along the way. And there is a high sun that burns as if we were in the desert, there is a sand too hot to walk barefoot on and there is a hot brume that blurs the horizon. And there are long days. And there are also bathing suits, umbrellas, tanned people, people with sunburns, men in pairs with tiny dogs and men in pairs without tiny dogs. And there are kids shouting enthusiastically and there are vacation relaxed men. And there are topless women, there are naked women, there are voyeurs hiding behind the sand dunes. And there are lifeguards dressed in yellow, there are green flags and in the see there are waves that invite us for a dive. And there are ice cream vendors and there are open esplanades in every beach. Not in winter.



Costa de Caparica, Portugal / 27 December 2013


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