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This is where you can submit your work to Camera Infinita for an exhibition on our site. But first, please do read the following instructions carefully before submitting anything, otherwise you may well be wasting both our precious time.

I’m always thrilled to receive submissions. I’m constantly looking for projects, specially if they are contemporary, new and unknown to the public. My goal is to make your work known.


I ask you to submit exactly 12 photographs per body of work. That’s the magic number (like good old 12-exposure film rolls). I know it’s not easy to leave behind a couple of good photos. But hey, if it’s easy it’s not worth it.

Please respect the following:

  • Bio, artist statement, titles and instructions in English
  • Photos in JPEG (.jpg) or PiNG (.png) format
  • Filenames in lowercase letters in the following format:
    exhibition title - your name - photo number (lead zero).ext
    grandpa was a rolling stone - josé de almeida - 01.jpg
  • Maximum of 5 mb per photo
  • Maximum of 50 mb for the entite set of photos
  • 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution
    that is, maximum dimentions of 3840 × 2160 pixels (H × V)
    and either H or V must be reached (or both)


Camera Infinita is designed from scratch to support 4K UHD displays, either computer monitors, tablets, smartphones or TV sets. 1024 × 768 it’s long over. 1080p it’s also a thing of the past. 4K is a fast growing emerging standard. It is expected that 4K will be used by the majority of people in Europe and North America in 2017. And 8K is already on the way. Camera Infinta is one of the first websites in the world to be 4K enhanced, and definitely the first photography related site ever made in 4K resolution. 4K is a delight for the eyes and another step into the future of photography.


Your name

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Bio (max 1,000 chars)

Exhibition title

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Artist statement (max 2,000 chars)

Instructions (optional)

Photo #1 (max 5 mb)

Photo #2 (max 5 mb)

Photo #3 (max 5 mb)

Photo #4 (max 5 mb)

Photo #5 (max 5 mb)

Photo #6 (max 5 mb)

Photo #7 (max 5 mb)

Photo #8 (max 5 mb)

Photo #9 (max 5 mb)

Photo #10 (max 5 mb)

Photo #11 (max 5 mb)

Photo #12 (max 5 mb)

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