Sed (Thirsty)


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2017 / 1st edition
Limited of 100

27 photographs
36 pages
21×21 cm
Hardcover, perfect binding

Euro €17.50



Eastern Andalusia is punished by the process of desertification of the Iberian peninsula area. Water is a scarce commodity. Technical advances have made drinking water continue supplying households but human activity and uncontrolled exploitation of aquifers and wells has accelerated a process of irreversible desertification where rainfall is scarce and increasingly harmful.

Thirst is a project in which the landscape is the protagonist. Jaen, Granada and Almeria are the provinces that form the eastern Andalusian triangle. This is where the process is more visible. In recent millennia there have been no significant changes in the climate able to radically alter the environment in the Southeast. So it is very obvious that in the case almeriense man has been the main agent responsible for this transformation. In the case of Granada and Jaen the process of desertification is a taboo subject. The very topography of the land and the tourist and commercial interests linked to fruit and vegetable production conceal the other side of economic growth. As an example most visible development of the olive grove is causing the total elimination of ground cover, the constantly changing terrain and therefore a serious alteration of rainfall.

“Sed” invites reflection and dialogue between the landscape and the viewer. It is critical to altering the Mediterranean environment which is a place where greed and lack of awareness of man is causing the gradual disappearance of water, soil erosion and ecological transformation of difficult to reverse.



Born in Barcelona, Catalonia in 1987 and settled between Jaen and Granada, Andalusia. He studied art photography and graphic design at the Art School of Granada. His professional activity is linked to graphic design and as a means of personal expression photography. His language is a constant search for their roots, the valorization of expressions of yesteryear, and a constant concern for changing the environment. Develop these interests by its proximity to field experience having grown up in the small town La Guardia de Jaén, next to the river Guadalbullón Gualquivir River tributary.

In 2007 he began studying art photography and in the same year acquired its first and only camera. Thus begins a close relationship with photography and mature their mode of expression. In the first years he worked in group exhibitions at the Rey Chico Museum of Granada, was co-founder of Fractal photographic collective formed by members of the same promotion in which collaborates until his departure in 2013 to engage in the production of personal projects. “Sed” in 2015 presents a project under construction on the study of the changing environment in Eastern Andalusia.



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