Poetry from the Edge

8 – 22 January 2018

2014 – 2017

Most of my photos are made in Ostrava city, Czech Republic. City with coal mining history. With heavy industry. City where I studied university and where I work. City that is slowly changing. This series isn’t to present the city, but to show less ordinary places that attracts me. Places that are overlooked. I want to show their hidden beauty. Poetry of Ostrava shows a post-industrial fate of the city. Showing a sense of place and uncovering it’s poetry.



I was born in Frydek-Mistek, Czechoslovakia in 1980. I am a self taught photographer. I started my journey into photography in 2000. My main interest is documentary photography. I would like to avoid all attempts to define what kind of photography I do. Every time I try to define and name my photography I find myself trying to fit my mind into a specific box. Later, I would realize, that I belong to more than one box.




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