Picture of Health

16 – 31 March 2017


The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.

Aneurin Bevan
Health Minister who created the NHS

Since it’s inception in 1948, the National Health Service has been the prized jewel in Britains welfare crown. As mortality rates decrease year-on-year, the demand for cutting-edge therapies, and their associated tariffs, continues to rise. A victim of its own success, the NHS faces it’s biggest fight to date.

Between February and June 2016 I was granted access to all areas across Northampton General Hospital, where I have worked as a nurse for over a decade. The organisation is a mid-sized district general hospital in which small miracles happen on a daily basis. It is the aim of this series to evidence chronic underfunding across the NHS, and consequently that the provision of safe care to the populace of Northamptonshire is becoming increasingly difficult.

“Picture of Health” is my take on a small corner of the UK’s National Health Service today. These are the spaces in which all aspects of healthcare at Northampton General Hospital are delivered, from birth until death.



Andy Feltham is a self-taught photographer who lives in Northampton, UK, who also works part-time within the healthcare setting at his local hospital. He has been exhibited in the UK and Italy and featured in numerous publications, both online and in print. He has also been commissioned to work in the commercial as well as the fine art setting.

Feltham seeks to create a tension within each photograph by using meticulous framing, exposure and technique to detach the subject from its surroundings. This lends a subtle disquiet to the underlying themes of beauty, mortality and humour that hallmark his work.




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