O. O. O.


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2017 / 1st edition
Limited of 100

34 photographs
54 pages
29.7×21 cm
Hardcover, perfect binding

Euro €22.00



Obscur. Obsolet. Oblidat.
(Obscure. Obsolete. Forgotten.)

During a certain period in my life, I felt the urge to visit and document all kinds of disused, shut down and derelict buildings in my homeland of Catalonia (and a few in other parts of Spain). I used to do it in quick one day trips, either alone or in the company of fellow explorers. I would get into all kinds of places: houses, factories, restaurants… And although those explorations usually involved trespassing and dealing with severely damaged structures, my quest was neither driven by the lure of transgression nor the thirst for adrenaline. It was rather an unconscious attempt to keep adulthood at bay in order to preserve the childish ability to look at the world as a place full of wonder. Looking back, I think it worked out pretty well for me.



Xavier Aragonès (b. 1979) is an amateur photographer living in Terrassa, Spain. His main area of interest is the landscape, either natural or man-altered. When taking photographs he claims to be drawn to capturing atmosphere and suggesting possible narratives rather than telling a straight story. His first photobook, “O.O.O.”, was published by Camera Infinita on February, 2017.



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