No One’s Land

1 – 15 February 2017

2012 – 2013

It’s a project about the city surroundings and its limits. It’s about what characteristics they have, what they provide to us and what are their importance and meaning for us. They are degraded environments that aren’t the city itself but aren’t the country either. They are intermediate places that are absolutely necessary for the city, because through them the city feeds itself and becomes a proper city. Through these places pass roads and train rails, electric posts and advertisement banners. But we don’t pay any attention to them, even when we pass through. These places actually determine our own sense of identity as a citizen.



He is an art historian and a landscape photographer based in Valencia, Spain. The photography for him is more than a job or hobby. It’s a way of life, a way of thinking and a way of see the world around us. So, his work is focused in the environment itself and how do we use them as human beings. For this reason, his works are based on urban and natural environments that we use for specific issues. It’s a therapeutic thing for him when he can explain the world and answer all that questions with pictures.




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