No Horn Please

8 – 22 April 2017


A journey to India, Punjab, to visit two cities: Amritsar and Chandigarh.

Amritsar is the main spiritual city of Punjab, life in the city is scanned by the growing blow of the horns, thunderous during the rush hour, and by the Khalsa (the Sikh scripture) performed by the loudspeakers.

Chandigarh was designed and established by the architect Le Corbusier in 1953. The city is placed under the sub himalayan mountains and everything was built in beton brut. The capital city of Punjab compared with the rest of the country lives in a totally different way; here the inhabitants meet each other at the Rose Garden, a public botanic area with fountains and place to seat, admiring the huge variety of roses coming from all over the world.

The project was born with the aim to connect the place of origin of those indians who were the main characters of the photographic series «I’d give you anything to have you here» that was previously made in Italy.



Here I am, living by the sea. Since I was 4 years old, every winter my father took me and my family to the mountain.

Sliding on the snow I used to look at the mountain around, at the firs, at the wet ground. I will always remember one year. We arrived to the Dolomites, but there wasn’t any snow, not a single snowflake. I can still feel the disappointment.

I was born in Latina in 1979. My father is a doctor. My mother, an educator, brought me and my sister up. Then we stopped going to the mountain and I started the university. After two years of lessons and boredom, I gazed upon the library, I take decisively the camera that we used to bring to the mountain with us, and I got some shots. So I began to take my self seriously : I attended a photography course in Rome, then a master in Milan. When I came back to my city I started a travel backwards to my memory places, comparing them with the present.

Everything is different to me now.




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