Magazine – The Other Side by Thieu Riemen

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Special Edition
October 2017
12 photographs
34 pages

Thieu Riemen (The Netherlands)

Printed copy
21×14.8 cm
Hardcover, perfect binding
Euro €13.50



As a child, when embarking on holidays to the Mediterranean, we often passed through Liège (Luik in Dutch).

A gloomy city with a lot of heavy industry and smoking chimneys, most who visit hope to traverse the city as quickly as possible to arrive in more picturesque regions. Gazing through the windows of the car, I was fascinated by the otherworldly sights. Otherworldly because there could not be a greater contrast with the Dutch cities I knew at that time. My home town of Tilburg was clean and looked very well organized in comparison with that messy French speaking city. Only 20 miles from the Dutch speaking and well-ordered Maastricht, there was a whole new world to explore.

In my youth the steel and other heavy industries of Liège were already in a state of malaise. The long economic downturn is (still) very visible in the form of abandoned factory complexes and dilapidated working-class neighbourhoods.

In the years from 2008 to 2011 I went on a lot of walks in Seraing, one of the industrial suburbs of Liège. The images, made during these walks, explore the cultural landscape of this area, presenting residential areas as well as industrial sites.



Thieu Riemen (b. 1958) is a fine-art photographer and teacher who lives in Tilburg in the south of The Netherlands. Originally he was educated as a painter at Academie voor Beeldende Vorming Tilburg (Academy of Visual Arts) and art historian at Leiden University. Photography was continuously a part of his visual artwork and profession. About eight years ago, the rise of digital photography gave a fresh new boost to his landscape photography.





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