Magazine – The Great Escape by Ricardo Dominguez Alcaraz

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Special Edition
September 2017
12 photographs
34 pages

Ricardo Dominguez Alcaraz (Spain)

Printed copy
21×14.8 cm
Hardcover, perfect binding
Euro €13.50



It is said that floating in the sea is like being in your mother’s womb, like coming back to a prior stage, to an unconscious stage, where your only target was, simply, to be.

Because of that, it is said, we like the water, we like the feeling of floating on the sea. We can’t explain why exactly, but it calms us. This is because of the water, because you are swayed by the sea waves, because you don’t hear anything apart from your own breathing, and because you get in a semiconscious state where all remains outside of you, where nothing can affect you, where the only feeling you have is peace.

Maybe because of this we like the water, maybe because of this we like the sea. Maybe because of this we go to the beach, coming from many roads and paths full of decisive crossings and detours. We go there with the only purpose to hear the murmuring of the sea, constant and always unpredictable, noisy and calming at the same time. And we stand there, in front of the sea, and we ask our deepest questions. The response is carried to us by the sea breeze. “Breathe” it says, “breathe with the rhythm of the waves. And you will see that where your troubles are, you will find the solutions”.

But, these solutions will not come with ease. You must to look for them in the water and, also, in the sand that the sea puts under your feet. You must walk through this sand and feel its texture, its temperature, its own life. “Then,” the sea says, ”you will see that everything will begin to flow again”.

The sea never fails; it is always right. When you need a break from your oppressive city life, there is the beach, there is the sea waiting for you and welcoming you. When you need solitude, there is the beach, there is the sea isolating you from everything. When you need quietness, there is the beach, there is the sea keeping you away from any noise that may disturb you.

They stop time, or make it slower, unhurried. They merge you with the environment, so you can become the sea, the beach, the waves and the breeze. Because the seaside not only calms you, not only helps you to be: the seaside is you.

And, suddenly, you start to float again, you start to flow again.



He is an art historian and a landscape photographer based in Valencia, Spain. The photography for him is more than a job or hobby. It’s a way of life, a way of thinking and a way of see the world around us. So, his work is focused in the environment itself and how do we use them as human beings. For this reason, his works are based on urban and natural environments that we use for specific issues. It’s a therapeutic thing for him when he can explain the world and answer all that questions with pictures.





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