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Special Edition
June 2017
12 photographs
34 pages

Markus Henttonen (Finland)

Printed copy
21×14.8 cm
Hardcover, perfect binding
Euro €13.50



Night has come to the city. The sun has just set, there’s still a blue glow in the sky. It’s hot; red curtains billow in the breeze through the open window. Only one flat in the opposite building has the lights on. You can see a man in a red shirt doing something in the kitchen. Man with a Red Shirt is the quintessence of Markus Henttonen’s series “Night Time Stories” – little people in the great nocturnal city where even the everyday is like a film.

Night levels a complex city into a dark surface replete with visually fascinating details and human stories. Photos of night shift, washing clothes in the launderette, working long days, being lonely, meeting friends. Henttonen presents townspeople in their private moments when they appear to be lost in thought, or perhaps tired from their shift or with a broken heart.

Essential to “Night Time Stories” is that the main role is not played by the city itself. Henttonen’s cityscapes are not quintessentially photos of New York, Berlin or Rio, but scenes from a metropolis that remains virtually anonymous. In Henttonen’s opinion recognizing the actual place and emphasizing its nature removes attention from what’s essential. In “Nightscape” images from different parts of the world, the huge clusters of skyscrapers rising into the darkness confuse and force one to think about what is going on in all those hundreds of apartments and offices.

“Night Time Stories” are characterized by a deep, penetrating melancholy that is more a wistful sadness than an oppressive tragedy. The moods are lingering and static, like film sets. “Night Time Stories” are strongly narrative in character. Most of them are built round a specific place and the people and events in it. The ultimate narrative is largely left for the viewer, as Henttonen only makes suggestions.

Even though what’s happening in front of the camera is not perhaps completely true in the photo, there is no doubt about the feelings it conveys.

Kaisa Viljanen
Original full text appeared in Markus Henttonen’s book Lonely But Not Alone (Musta Taide, Finland, 2011)



The photography of Markus Henttonen is storytelling, cinematic and poetic. His timeless and beautiful images of landscape and people have a special atmosphere and lingering moods. Markus has a prominent style that is at the same time sensual and honest with a tiny hint of melancholy underneath.

Barcelona is the city where Markus´ artistic career really started. After graduating from Turku Arts Academy in Finland he moved to the city and finished his first personal art project «Paral-lel City», which was published as a book and exhibition in 2004.

Since then he has shared his time between art and commercial photography working with numerous editorial and commercial clients and having his works shown in over 100 solo- and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

Markus has released 3 monographs, most recent «Twisted Tales – Road to Hope» worldwide via Hatje Cantz. Lately his works have been exhibited in major International group shows alongside renowned artists such as David LaChapelle, Pierre & Gilles, Mitch Epstein and Robert Polidori.

Markus currently lives and works between Berlin, Barcelona and his native country Finland.



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