8 – 22 December 2017


The state or process of being or becoming degenerate; decline or deterioration: overgrazing has caused serious degeneration of grassland.

The objective of Degeneration was to take a critical look at the state of housing and regeneration in the 21st Century, and the implications and complex nuances this may have on some of the poorest in society, reliant upon social housing. After several decades of neglect, consecutive governments have overseen the gradual demise and disappearance of social housing, due to “Right To Buy” and a lack of new housing stock built, arguably fuelling the necessity to own rather than let that has instigated the artificial inflation of the housing market. This opens up many questions as to why this was allowed to happen, has fuelled the rise in homelessness and poverty and left the majority of people living in social housing trapped in so called “sink estates”.

The work was made in collaboration with the photography Collective Human Endeavour, each photographer choose different areas of Britain to investigate. For my part I concentrated mainly on areas in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol and Portsmouth.



Richard Chivers is a Documentary photographer based in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Richard’s work looks at Britain’s shifting landscape and how it is shaped and re-shaped over time. He has received several Arts Council awards to make, curate and exhibit his work, exhibiting across the UK and Internationally. He was an original member of the Human Endeavour Photography Collective and is now a recent member of the Map6 collective. Map6 have recently completed a project capturing Milton Keynes to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.




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