Camera Infinita is a project developed by portuguese contemporary photographer and designer José De Almeida. The goal is to produce outstanding photobooks, great online photo exhibitions and overall to promote contemporary photography worldwide.

The original idea was to produce, publish and promote my own photobooks, and sell them online via MagCloud, a well established print on demand service. One idea leads to another, and the project soon evolved into a much more ambitious and richest goal. That is, to do exactly the same thing for emerging photographers and sell their photobooks as well. Then came a third strong idea: collective and thematic photobooks, like zines. Small, beautiful and special, and as affordable as possible. Some restricted by invitation, but others opened to all participants around the globe and far distant planets (in this case, such photobooks result from time-framed issued open calls).

On top of this, there’s a virtual gallery. Regular online photo exhibitions, lasting two weeks, with a magic number in mind: each show will consist of exactly12 photos (like good old 12-exposure film rolls). This narrow road is far from being an easy task. The reward is the upmost quality of the selection of works. Or you gain a different perspective.

As this site is all about photography, Camera Infinita is designed from scratch to support 4K UHD displays, either computer monitors, tablets, smartphones or TV sets. That is 3840 × 2160 pixels of pure delight to the eyes. 1024 × 768 it’s long over. 1080p it’s also a thing of the past. 4K is a fast growing emerging standard (and 8K is already on the way). It is expected that 4K will be used by the majority of people in Europe and North America in 2017.

Camera Infinita is a publishing house and online gallery that differentiates itself by contemporaneity and dynamism. I’m constantly looking for projects, specially if they are contemporary, new and unknown to the public. My goal is to make those projects known.



Born in Lisbon in 1964, he is a contemporary photographer, graphic designer, web designer and developer, and also works as a consultant. Author of several websites for companies and institutions. He was, back in 1995, the first professional web designer in Portugal. Won two awards in graphic design. As an artist, made five solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions. More recently he resumed the practice of fine art photography. In 2012 he created Camera Leaks – a leading Tumblr blog dedicated exclusively to contemporary photography. In 2016 he created Camera Infinita. He currently lives in Almada, Portugal, with his lovely wife and kid.



Self-portrait by José De Almeida
Marbella, Spain / 5 September 2015


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