A Month in the West

1 — 15 January 2018


This trip to the American West was a kind of revelation, a first-time encounter with what really interests me in photography. The color palette, the lighting, the wide-open spaces and shapes were all visually pleasing. “A Month in the West” does not tell the story of the trip itself, nor is the series interested in a particular topic. It is an attempt to put into form the scattered pieces of an imaginary world, partially drawn from American film and culture that impregnated my youth having grown up in France.



After working 10 years in the advertisement industry, I decided to fully dedicate my time to my growing interest in photography. My first few projects revolved around various communities on wheels (Roller Derby, Vintage Cycling, Underground Bikers). With time, photography became a medium to reconstruct from the real world – from nearby urban neighborhoods in Paris to desert landscapes in the American West, Morocco and Iran. The real world interests me so long as it is graphic and stimulates the imagination.




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